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20010 - Bareggio (Mi) - Italy

Tel. +39 346 8093672

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Offlimits Supermoto is a business born in 2008 thanks to the young entrepeneur  Gianni Borgiotti that offers with passion and competence many services in the field of supermotard:








•  TRADING of motorbikes, specific gear and accessories through our e-commerce Offlimits Shop.


The VISION behind Offlimits Supermoto is expressed through the word itself: OFF-LIMITS, without boundaries, without compromise, wanting to excel and guarantee a quality service; nevertheless as far as our driving courses are concerned it also means providing the right means to reach one’s own limits, with the intention of overcoming them while still doing so safely.

Training is what made us famous worldwide, with over hundreds of comments giving us positive feedback and never any complaints. We hold courses in Italian and also in English for riders coming from overseas, although Gianni is willing to travel around the world to face the growing demand for courses from foreign riders.   

In 9 years of activity over 600 courses have been held which make us by far leaders in the field.

GIANNI BORGIOTTI - Owner, manager and riding instructor

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Federal IGF-IGM RIDING instructor, Gianni is the mind and the arm of Offlimits Supermoto; he handles the company  full time and manages the business passionately: organizing and managing courses, he collaborates with our technician for suspensions service, he edits most of his graphics and video production and takes care of social networking.

Gianni Borgiotti

Born in Milan in 1980, after graduating as an Industrial Electrics Technician he decides to follow his father’s footsteps becoming an electrical system planner. Three years later successfully becoming a registered technical engineer. In March 2002, at the age of 21, after a long wait and with his first savings, he is able to buy a his first motorbike: a Husqvarna 570 R. From that day onwards his passion for supermoto permanently captivates him. After a couple of months on the track he gears up for agonism purchasing a Vertemati 570. The following year he participates in some races and registering great results which immediately point out to his great talent.


Despite of the huge needs of Offlimits Supermoto managment, who started on 2008, Gianni keeps going anyway on with high level competitions and also starting a new experience into Flat Track.

Since 2016 Gianni is also Ducati Scrambler official instructor.





6th Piemontese championship

2nd italian UISP Cup

2nd Lombardia-Piemonte championship, three years in a row.


Since this year Gianni decides to put more engagment into competition.

1st Supermoto italian championship with stock bikes

1st TTS championship;

1st in two races of polish cahmpionship

2nd Supermoto italian Trophy at San Bonifacio

3rd EICMA supermoto national race, here is the video: CLICK TO WATCH

Borgiotti Derapata


He got kinda boring of traditional supermoto so he decided to begin developing Bigfoot Supermoto concept attending the only one championship that allowed that kind of setting (motocross bike with tarmac tires). 

1st TTS campionshipHERE IS the movie of the last race.


Gianni fallen in love of FLat-Track and decided to invest all his energies into this spectacular discipline. Infact this year he attended the most important competition in Europe. The total amount of podiums acquired was amazing.

3rd Flat-Track italian championship

1st Sardinian championship

1st Misano Adriatico TT winner

3rd Misano Adriatico Flat Track

6th EICMA international Flat Track

8th faster italian rider at Superprestigio with the 8th best lap time. Sadly on the heats a rider hitted him ruining his competition.